Books useful for library

1. My India: the India eternal By Vivekananda, Swami
2. Points and lines Charat Ram: a biography By Kamath, M V
3. Positive Imaging By Peale, Norman Vincent
4. Projects: Planning, Analysis, Selection, Financing and Implementation By Chandra,Prasanna
5. Revitalize your corporate culture By Ashby,Franklin C.
6. Security analysis and portfolio management By Kevin,S.
7. Study smarter, not harder By Paul, Kevin M A
8. Tactics: The Art and Science of Success By Bono, Edward de
9. The Art of Japanese Management: Applications for American Executives By Pascale,Richard T.
10. The Be Happy Attitudes: 8 Positive Attitudes That Can Transform Your Life By Schuller, Robert H
11. The business of business; private enterprise and public affairs By Wright, M. A
12. The Da Vinci code ByBrown, Dan,
13. The day of the jackal.ByForsyth, Frederick
14. The Green Frontier: Stories of ChemurgyByMcMillen,Wheeler,
15. The money changersByHailey, Arthur
16. The public speaker's source book By Prochnow, Herbert V
17. What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School: Notes From A Street-Smart ExecutiveByMcCormack,Mark H.
18. Financial managementByBanerjee, Subir Kumar
19. Financial Management : Theory and PracticeByChandra,Prasanna
20. Financial management and policyByVan Horne, James C
21. Fundamental Principles & Techniques Of Financial AccountingByRajkumar,Prabhakar K
22. Fundamentals of financial managementByBrigham, Eugene F
23. Fundamentals of financial managementByChandra, Prasanna
24. GATT/ WTO trips, trims and trade in servicesByGopalswamy,N.
25. Global portfolio investments and emerging capital marketsByUma Shashikant
26. Hope and suffering : sermons and speechesBy Tutu, Desmond
27. Innovation: Strategy for corporate renaissanceBy Gera, M R,Ed.
28. Investment Game: How to WinBy Chandra,Prasanna
29. Management AccountingBy Rao, Thukaram, M. E.
30. Managing with information 4th ed.By Kanter, Jerome
31. Managing your anxiety:regaining control when you feel stressed,helpless and alone By McCullough,Christopher J.
32. Marginal Costing By Gowda, J. Made
33. Marketing of Information Technology: By Venkatesh, K
34. Modern economic theory By Dewett, Kewal Krishan
35. Modern Production / Operations management 8th ed. By Buffa,Elwood S.
36. Multinational financial management By Vij, Madhu
37. Mary Kay on people management By Ash, Mary Kay
38. Call Yourself a Manager By Archer,Matthew
39. Personnel management By Flippo, Edwin B.
40. Workshop on World Insurance Stance: Challenge and the Future of Insurance Industry in Developing Countries 2010 By Fuad,Noor
41. A Farewell to Arms By Hemingway,Ernest
42. A Modern Instance By Howells,William Dean
43. Bridging science and spirituality By  Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidyalaya
44. Business @ the Speed of Thought: Using a Digital Nervous System By Gates,Bill
45. Business Management and Policy By Wali,B. M.
46. Commodity and financial derivatives By Kevin, S.
47. Computer for executives By Chandwick,John W
48. Don't Say Yes When You Want to Say No: By Fensterheim, Herbert
49. Finance sense:finance for no-finance executives By Chandra, Prasanna
50. Financial accounting for business managers By Bhattacharyya, Ashish K
51. Financial accounting for management By Shankaranarayana, H. V.
52. Financial accounting: By Narayanaswamy, R
53. Financial accounting: Principles and practices By Lal,Jawahar
54. Financial decision making: concepts, problems and cases By Hampton,John J.
55. Financial institutions and markets: structure growth and innovations By Bhole, L M